This section is basically a repository of old academic writing and essays, mostly from my undergraduate time at SOAS, some PhD work and the awesome Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred MA at Canterbury.

Charles Fort and Intermediatism

“I believe nothing of my own that I have ever written” (Charles Fort). To what extent do Fort’s works offer a method for writing about myth, cosmology and the sacred?

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The differences between Corbin, Jung and Hillman in their understanding of the active imagination

An examination of the differences in understanding relating to active imagination in the work of Carl Jung, James Hillman and Henry Corbin.

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How we can judge whether prophecy is authentic?

The question of how to assess the authenticity of prophecy rests primarily on the understanding of what is meant by the word ‘prophecy’ in itself and on subsequently weighing any given prophetic definition against that benchmark

Tag: Christianity

UFOs and the Imaginal

This article will argue that UFOs are the current projection of what might be viewed as a ‘creative consciousness’, that is essentially an expression of a co-creation on the part of humanity as a whole.

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