The Opening

I have been away.

I used to blog a lot at the beginning of the Noughties but around 5 years ago I stopped. Now I’m starting again. And this time things need to be different. The old ways don’t work anymore and things are breaking down. We’re all Liminal now.

The previous blog was called Anulios. It persists, in name at least, in the form of a collaborative Medium Publication featuring writing on Christianity and religion in general from an esoteric perspective, but my scribblings here will delve deeper into the rabbit hole with a focus on paratheology, Holy Fools and mythic/heterodox approaches to spirituality.

But before we get to that, some more on the hiatus. I stopped blogging for a number of reasons, I suppose I fell out of love with writing a bit (academia will do that to you) but the main was that I realised I was writing polemically. I’d taken a position of “Outsider against the Man”. I was railing against the rise of the extreme-right and Islamophobia mainly. Worthy perhaps but a bit of a crusade and it got boring for all concerned. It wasn’t really a spiritual pursuit, though I pretended to myself (and you) that it was but even I didn’t take it seriously. I never REALLY thought we’d ever end up in a situation where such things were normalised… and yet…

But I digress, another reason why I stopped writing was because I no longer felt able to maintain the ‘Outsider’ role and have it serve its purpose for my own self-ideation. With the rise of what one might term ‘Conspiracy Culture’ we’re all outsiders now (small o) or, at least, partially heirs to the concept, even if we can’t articulate it. And that’s self-defeating, I couldn’t embrace being an Outsider if the Outsider was an insider. So I needed something else. I went looking.

I tried on a lot of hats, the most promising seemed for a whole to be academia. It almost worked. I was supposed to be researching enchantment but I ended up disenchanted. Then I got a ‘normal job’. That seems to be working too. But I’m still an Outsider, even if I’m not actively rebelling.

I’ve learned something else: being an Outsider is something you are called to, not a position you can take up. You will always be one - until you aren’t. And it is independent of the culture. It used to mean being a drop-out. Now it is being a drop-in. The real rebels these days (if they still exist, and if they don’t that proves my point) are more likely to be found in pin-stripe suits and bowler hats - or on the front pew at the local church on a Sunday. I am joining them.

This will be a record of how it all pans out.