Welcome to Paralogical Blog. I'd prefer not to lay all my cards on the table before anything is a done deal but I should give some overview of what you might reasonably expect here - forewarned is forearmed as they say. As well as this being the place to come for news and updates, I fully intend to be writing in this section on religion in the news as well as doing the odd book review and the odd opinion piece of various aspects of crypto. Probably will throw in some Travelog elements too.


These are more short-form posts and musings. If you want the hardcore long-form stuff head over to the "Writing" sections via the menu at the top of the page.

Meetup in Hastings

It's just a possibility at the moment but it could happen... or not.

October 13 2019: Reviews  
Esoteric Christianity

Christian Radicalism and it's recurring relevance now we are once again at the fall of Rome.

October 13 2019: Christianity  
Zen and the Art of Crypto Trading

The art of playing the crypto market without losing your soul.

October 13 2019: Cryptocurrency  
God 4.0

I thought I’d compile a few notes about an idea that’s been swirling around in conversations I’ve been engaged in over the last few years

October 13 2019: Christianity  Islam