Esoteric Christianity

  • April 28 2019
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For a long time I resisted Christianity. It was because it was redolent of all that was staid, boring, lifeless and dry. It hasn't changed much but people and the world have. Now everyone is a 'rebel'. The subculture is mainstream. If people still wore bowler hats and pinstripes then THEY would be the rebel outcasts now. They don't. So we have Christianity by default. Right now it's the most radical movement out there. Perhaps it always was. We'll dive into Emerging Church, Deconstruction and Radical Christianity. The title might evoke Gurdjieff but we're not really going full-esoteric for the reasons above: Gurdjieff groups are the as esoteric as Nigel Farage. Probably less. Much less. You have to respect G but the Dancing Bears... not so much. We'll be sticking with the main man: J C.