God 4.0

  • April 01 2019
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I thought I’d compile a few notes about an idea that’s been swirling around in conversations I’ve been engaged in over the last few years, it never gained much traction anywhere as far as I can see but I find it interesting on some levels… on others not so much. There are effectively only two links online (listed below), the first a few years old and the second a project by Robert Ornstein (of Idries Shah and left-brain/right-brain fame) who is recently deceased and has a book of this title to be published posthumously. The concept of God 4.0 divides human conception of God into four successive stages, each being a refinement of the last. The first of these, God 1.0 is envisaged a magical – Ornstein says ‘shamanic’ – conception of God that took place during the Ice Age. Why shamanism should be situated as a primitive approach (surely this is the implication?) or why it should be confined to the first stage is not addressed in this schemata. God 2.0 seems to be somehow equated with polytheism and likewise God 3.0 builds on this and signals the phase of monotheism which holds sway currently as the contemporary world-view. As Joe Britto points out in the first link below, this is generally the conception of God which atheists are arguing against. God 4.0 then is suggested as a new paradigm. Britto seems to view it as a synthesis or harmony of the first three (it is not clear as to whether he has any connection to Ornstein) but Ornstein goes further and seems to be drawing on neuroscience and recent scientific discoveries to resituate ‘God’ within the brain and reference this reading to ancient texts. This might be a wrong interpretation – hopefully things will be made clearer with the publication of Ornstein’s book – but, as far as I can tell, the suggestion is that earlier people, not having access to our current levels of civilization, interpreted ‘God’ in ways which were necessarily incomplete and which we are now in a position to rectify. Needless to say, I would reject such a view (I might shortly write here on the reasons why – or not) and would tend to incline more to the idea that we have perhaps less of an insight in to this issue than earlier human groupings. Also this seems like a Trojan Horse of sorts – the underlying elephant in the room is perhaps the old ‘consciousness as an epiphenomenon of the brain’ meme and I can’t help but suspect that the References https://www.god4-0.com https://www.humanjourney.us/god-4-0-conscious-evolution/