The Mundus Imaginalis - imagine, if you will, another world. A world in many ways indistinguishable from our familiar everyday world. A world that looks the same but where things are sometimes slightly... askew. A crack in the times that can be easily ignored and passed over, or - should one be so inclined - when focussed on, prised wider and wider until the space is large enough to enter. Some call it the realm between the material and divine spheres. Some call it Purgatory, the Other World, Magonia, Fairyland or the Daimonic Realm.

Call it what you will, you are about to enter....


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We need to disbelieve in Shakespeare

We need to disbelieve in Shakespeare, stuff here


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The Empty Grail Castle

This is an exploration of the Imaginal. It is not what you might think and if it is what you expect I shall disappoint myself.