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This page is essentially a transparent overview of the affiliate and funding functionality throughout the blog. I have never felt easy soliciting financial support from other means of my own hard work and this is not the function of this site, nor is it designed or intended to be a money-generating exercise. Nevertheless, I am currently self-funding my Phd studies which essentially means I need to find £4000 per year for the three years duration: 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21.

I am therefore committing to reach these yearly goals as a sort of exercise in generating the money to fund my academic studies - I believe it should be part of any form of esoteric self-development to solve such problems - and so I have put in place the mechanisms described below in an attempt to reach these yearly goals over the three year period.

Full Disclosure: All the donations, purchases and affiliate income from this site are detailed here and all are being used solely to fund my academic studies.

As mentioned above, I am not comfortable with 'wanting something for nothing' and don't want to encourage that mindset in myself. In line with that principle, my self-funding approach is based more around an exchange of things I can offer rather than a direct attempt to gain donations. Accordingly, I have set up a Crowdfunding Campaign and opened a Patreon account. Please feel free to visit either and consider supporting in any way you feel called to do.

Some notes: as some people probably know, I occasionally deal in rare books and antique tribal rugs and am offering any of these I have on sale at a discount to anyone who wishes to support my academic Crowdfunding project. Contact me re this if anything there strikes your fancy... the books are listed on ABE (linked above) and also as Rewards on the Crowdfunding page and the rugs are shown on the Facebook page above. I'm also available for web dev projects through my agency site Okapi Creative - again at specially discounted rates - and, in this case, with all renumeration going towards the cost of University tuition fees.

Other Ways to Support

In addition to the Crowdfunding and purchasing options listed above, you can help me out by using my Amazon and other links for any purchases you might want to make on those sites. I get a percentage of the retail price of any purchases you make, which all helps! I also have an Amazon Wishlist of books in my area of research.


In addition to Amazon, if you're looking for web hosting then I can recommend Exabytes - most of my sites are hosted with them and I've been using them for a long time before joining their affiliate program. You might want to consider them if looking for domain registration or great hosting.


If you're more into crypto you need to get a Ledger wallet. Safest crypto wallet out there and a must-have. Re exchanges: I also get a small referral bonus if you sign up for Coinbase via this link.

You should also know about the Brave browser - it blocks all trackers and bots, blocks ads (even in YouTube) and, best of all, you earn BAT by browing. So do I if you download via my link.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Donate via Paypal

Finally, you can donate whatever you feel like - no amount to small! Hit me up via Paypal (I am Seer Enterprises) below.

...Or Crypto

.. if you prefer. The button below is for Coinbase donations and can be in BTC, ETH or LTC. I'll shut up now! Thanks and I hope you enjoy the site!